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Terms of Service

Your purchase and use of delivery or related services are subject to the terms and conditions described on this page, the policies we make available in connection with your seller account.  

Your purchase

You are purchasing delivery and any related services you request (such as liability coverage) from third parties and not from Tamilnadu mart, our mart is not responsible for and will not have any liability regarding services you purchase from third parties.

Charges to seller account.

 By purchasing delivery or related services from third parties via your seller account, you agree to pay the fees associated with those services directly to the carrier. We reserve the right to adjust charges after they are initially posted to reflect adjustments by the applicable carrier or other service provider We may limit or disallow services in our discretion.

Compliance with laws

. You will comply with all applicable policies, laws, and regulations with respect to delivery and related third-party services you purchase.

Third-Party Service Terms apply.

 Your purchase and use of delivery and related services are also subject to the policies, terms, conditions, and other agreements between you and the applicable carrier or other service provider. You are responsible for reviewing and complying with them