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SP505 (Separatorz with Index - Unit of 5 A4) set of 10

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Product Code: SP505
Type: Separatorz
Compatible Size: A4
No of Pieces: 5 Separators with index

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The Solo Separator File is the best product in its class of separators and can be used to collate, sort and store different types of information. This Solo File boasts a Set of 5 Dividers and an Index for writing subjects for the different sections. The paper used in this file is Heavy Duty Paper and has high GSM. The Universal 11-hole punched edges of this Solo Separator File are enhanced with a Unique Polymer Tape end to end, which makes the dividers tear-proof at punch holes. Both the side and multi-coloured tabs are numbered for quick retraction without you having to reach the index every time. These index tabs have lifetime durability and are tear-proof since they have been given Unique Double Side Polyester Coating. The index sheet is matched with the pointers converging to tabs using free colours. Any permanent OHP marker can be used for writing the subjects on these index tabs.


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