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Damper | Sponge Cup | Plastic Tableware | DM-02

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  • A transparent plastic cup with a Super absorbent sponge with a top cover lid prevents water evaporation.
  • Circular shape moistener, Extra thickness with long-lasting water retention ability
  • Non-slip, Greaseless, non-toxic, Odorless, add only water as Lubricant
  • Will not stain paper or clothes, 3″ shatterproof damper with Non-skid base
  • 1 Pc retail pack

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Type: Damper
Make: Plastic Cup with Cover Lid, the Super absorbent Sponge
Quantity: 1 Pc per Retail Pack
Crystal Damper Sponge Cup is perfect for spot-wetting envelopes, stamps, paper sorting & filing purposes. Damper Sponge Cup features a 3 ” diameter transparent, high-quality material, circular plastic cup with a top cover lid that prevents water evaporation. It has a super absorbent circular sponge, only water is added as Lubricant. It is best rated in envelope & stamp moistener, used by bank tellers, cashiers, mailrooms, clerks.  Damper Sponge Cup is guaranteed to last for a long time and doesn’t stain paper or clothes.  Damper sponge cup is non-toxic, greaseless, odorless, shatterproof, no spillover, and hygienic to use. branded Damper Sponge Cup is a good quality product with a long-lasting finger moistener, spot-wetting, better grip benefits.


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