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Cancellations & Returns

A buyer wants to cancel an order. What should I do?

Both cancellations and returns are a normal part of most sales operations.

Note: Buyers only have 30 minutes to cancel their own orders; you can cancel orders up until the minute you ship them.

Your options will depend on the order status.

Note: For buyer requested order cancellations, there will not be any cancellation charge levied on you for the order and your seller performance metrics will not be impacted by such cancellation.

You have not yet shipped and confirmed the shipment.

You can cancel the order in Manage Orders or using Order Cancellation feeds. When you cancel an order, tamilnadu mart automatically updates the order status in the buyer’s tamilnadu mart account and sends an e-mail notification to the buyer.

You have shipped the order.

You can let the buyer know that the order is already on its way and ask the buyer to return it to you for a refund. When you receive the return, please issue a refund if you had confirmed the shipment, or simply cancel the order if you had not yet confirmed the shipment.

Note: The buyer is not charged for an order until you confirm the shipment.

.I mistakenly cancelled an order. What should I do?

If the buyer reaches out to you saying that they still want the product, then please ask them to place a new order.

An order is in “Pending” status. Can I cancel it?

Orders are listed as “Pending” while Tamilnadumart is verifying the payment method provided by the buyer. Pending orders do not include the buyer’s shipping address or contact information and should not be shipped, even if the buyer contacts you directly. If buyers contact you while their order is in “Pending” status, then please refer them to Us

Once the payment method has been verified, the Confirm shipment and Cancel order buttons will become available in Manage Orders. In addition, the order will appear in both the Orders Report and the Unshipped Orders Report. At this point, the order should be shipped (or cancelled, if necessary).

Buyer and Seller did not cancel this order then who cancelled the order?

Tamilnadu mart can automatically cancel orders if one day has passed after the expected shipping availability date and you have not yet shipped and confirmed the shipment.

How long can an order be in Pending status before it get cancelled?

In some cases, payment and order detail verification processes may potentially extend order processing times for as long as 21 days